The power of pockets

Recently, I was looking up body language and what certain gestures symbolize. I came across “hands in pockets” and learned two things: 1) this gesture is only described in men, and 2) it means lack of confidence and mistrust.

Meanwhile, I’ve been watching Madam Secretary with Téa Leoni and noticed some episodes of her wearing outfits with pockets. She spent a few scenes with her hands in her pockets and she seemed to carry it well.  If you ask me, she seems quite the opposite of what I described.  Her character portrays a confident women who is trustworthy. So my conclusion is that women with pockets use them to exhibit a feeling of confidence, power, and trustworthiness. It’s just an opinion, though.

On the other hand, I’ve read that designers don’t put pockets in women’s clothing because it takes away from a woman’s silhouette. The idea is that no woman wants to look “bulky” with pockets. Although, this may be true for certain form-fitting dresses, I don’t agree that it should be applied to ALL clothing. Let’s be real, many of us love having fun, flowy dresses and skirts as part of our wardrobe too.  What make it better is when our fun, flowy dresses have pockets! The truth is, if pockets makes us happy, we should have more pockets in our clothes!

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Red ModCloth Midi Dress with Pockets on Stairs

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