The Dress that Started it All

The dress that inspired me to start this blog.

Years ago (I can’t remember the exact year), I went to the outlet mall and walked into the BCBG store. As a college student at the time, I had no intentions of buying anything. I only wanted to look. A girl can only dream, right? Surprisingly, the store was having a sale. So, like any other girl, I found some dresses to try on. 

Excitedly, I tried on this one cute, green dress. The fit was flattering, the length hit perfectly above my knees, and the sleeves were different. Puffy, yet really cute. As I twirled around inside the fitting room, falling in love with the dress, something caught my eye. Could it be? No way! This dress has pockets! OMG! Instant love! Naturally, I felt that I had to have this dress. Like now!

Could it be? No way! This dress has pockets!

Anxiously, I took the dress to the checkout counter. I was scared to see the actual price of the dress. Slowly, the sales associate rang up the dress and started to tell me the price. I remember feeling hesitant about buying the dress. However, to my surprise, it was on sale! It was destiny! Okay, maybe not that extreme. Although it was definitely a splurge, it was a well worth splurge. Now, several years later, I still wear this dress, and I still get compliments! Every. Single. Time! In fact, my colleagues couldn’t stop complimenting me on it at a recent company dinner. This dress has always made me feel confident and beautiful, but the pockets are by far the best part!

As a result, my love for clothes with pockets started that moment in the fitting room. Since then, any dress or skirt with pockets has been my first choice when buying clothes. For me, pockets are typically the deciding factor.

Thanks! It has pockets!

Over the years, I found myself always responding, “Thanks! It has pockets!” every time I wore an outfit with pockets. It became so frequent that my colleagues at work convinced me to start this blog. Therefore, here I am, with a blog that will link you to sites and pages with all kinds of dresses and outfits with pockets. I am going to do the work for you, so you can shop easily and respond to compliments with, “Thanks! It has pockets!” Until next time..

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Green Dress with Pockets Pose

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