Pockets are my passion

Okay everyone, who loves it when your skirt or dress has pockets? I’m not talking about about pockets that serve no functional use except for making a fashion statement. I’m not talking about faux pockets that disappoint you when you think you have pockets, but you don’t. And I’m not talking about small pockets that fit nothing, absolutely nothing! What I am talking about are skirts and dresses that have pockets, that are functional and deep enough for your hands, for your keys, and yes, for your smart phone.

Why I started this blog

In a time where we, as women, are fighting so hard for gender equality, I’m here to address something that is so insignificant…pockets in women’s clothing. Because in my opinion, something that seems so small and insignificant is still a major step in addressing that it’s the 21st century and gender inequality is everywhere, even in fashion.

There are some of you that may argue that we don’t need pockets because we carry handbags or that pockets in certain outfits may ruin the entire look and serve no functional purpose. If you feel that way, then you don’t need to read on. Don’t worry, I won’t be offended. Yes, there are fashion sites out there that sell skirts, dresses, and clothing that have pockets, but I want to know why it’s not standard in all or most skirts, dresses, or clothing? I mean, all of men’s clothing have pockets. Again, I get it. Pencil skirts, fitted dresses, and other form fitting clothes shouldn’t have pockets because it simply ruins the entire look and it serves no functional purpose. But what about all the other types of outfits? Because I’m not that person that only wears form-fitting clothing. I like variety. Which includes having skirts and dresses that would be even better…with pockets. So, here I am. Starting a movement. Demanding deep, functional pockets for all women!

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Black and white skirt with pockets

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