Faux Pockets…Why?!!

Vent sesh alert! The other day I was wearing these cute skinny pants at work. They were black with a textured pattern on them with zippered pockets. So, naturally, I got excited and thought, “Pockets! Yay!” Until I unzipped the zipper only to find that it was purely there just as an accessory. Why?!! I mean, what harm is there in creating a real thin pocket so I can slide in some cash or even a credit card? Not to mention, I actually needed to discretely transport some feminine hygiene products with me to the restroom, but those pockets were useless to me. I ended up having to be creative and find other ways of carrying it with me so that I would not have to haul my huge handbag to the restroom. 

Speaking of being creative. I feel like women always have to be creative when it comes to carrying things. Guys never have to worry about what purse or handbag to carry with them depending on where they’re going or what they’re wearing. For instance, I have a special bag that I take to work with me everyday, but on the weekends, I don’t like carrying a work bag, so either I just take my wallet with me or try and fit everything in a wristlet. I can’t tell you how many times I have actually gone to work forgetting to put my wallet back in my work bag. Not to mention my purse, wristlet, or wallet has to match the event I’m attending and the outfit I’m wearing.  To me, it’s so frustrating and annoying, and quite frankly something I just don’t have time for anymore. What’s even more sad is that this inconvenience has basically become second nature to us. Funny enough, I actually came across this article that many women can completely relate to.  Check it out here: The Gender Politics of Pockets

Now, back to my obsession with pockets. What’s the point of putting cute zippers on a pair of cute pants only to open up the zipper to find nothing, absolutely nothing?!! I get it, and I’ve said it before that women’s clothing is highly dependent on our silhouette and form fitting clothes that hug our curves and make us look cute and feminine, but still, faux pockets? No, thank you! And why do men get extra pockets? Their clothes are now more fitted. I see my husband wear his semi-skinny jeans, but he gets pockets to fit his phone, wallet, and other things. He even gets a secret, hidden mini-pocket in his trousers. What’s up with that? This is preposterous. Okay, it might not be that serious, but I just had to vent out my frustrations about faux pockets. Thanks for listening and reading! Please comment below to vent your frustrations on lack of pockets in women’s clothing.

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