Faux Pockets…Why?!!

Vent sesh alert!

The other day I was wearing these cute skinny pants at work. They were black with a textured pattern on them with zippered pockets. So, naturally, I got excited and thought, “Pockets! Yay!” Until I unzipped the zipper only to find nothing. No pockets. Why?!! I mean, what harm is there in actually creating real pockets? Faux pockets are completely useless. On the other hand, REAL pockets give women a place to put small necessary items like feminine hygiene products. Think about it, how unhygienic and gross is it to haul our handbags into the restroom? 

Don’t get me wrong, feminine hygiene isn’t the only reason women should have pockets. I’m sure we all can think of at least one thing that we would keep in our pockets. For me, it would be my phone and lipgloss. Okay, so that’s two things. Which makes it even more a good reason to have pockets.

I feel like women have to be more creative when it comes to carrying things. In general, men don’t worry about handbags and carrying additional things with them. Most men I know typically need only 3 things: 1) keys, 2) wallet, and 3) phone. Meanwhile, I have a specific handbag for work, another one for the weekends, and different ones for other special events. Do you know how many times I have forgotten to put my wallet back in my work bag? Or how many times I’ve misplaced things because I can’t remember which bag I moved them to? It’s frustrating, yet we do it anyway. Sadly, we will continue to do it anyway. Because, let’s face it, cute handbags can be a woman’s weakness. 

No more faux pockets!

That brings me to this article I found. I feel like many of us can completely relate to. Check it out here: The Gender Politics of Pockets.

No more faux pockets! Who’s with me? Comment below and let me know how you really feel about faux pockets versus real pockets. 

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