Affordable Loungewear: Work From Home Style

If you’re like me, you are more than likely sitting at home practicing social distancing and working from home while we get through this COVID-19 madness. Also, if you’re like me, you aren’t following your usual routine of getting ready to leave the house. So, where does that leave us? Sitting at home, wearing our daytime pajamas and finding ways to keep ourselves busy while we get through this crazy pandemic.

Well, I thought of something that might help you get through at least one day. Online shopping! I figured, since we might be in quarantine for a little while, why not find some comfortable and affordable loungewear? Who says we can’t look cute while sheltering in our homes? I figured I would list some more affordable options since money is tight for a lot of us right now. Check out some of my favorite finds of loungewear and help yourself if you feel inclined.


American Eagle’s Aerie is my go-to shop for loungewear. How cute are these joggers?! I know, it’s getting warmer now that it’s spring. But, I feel like the weather has been fluctuating with random cooler days. However, for warmer weather, they have these adorable shorts. So, whatever you’re preference, you can totally find something cute, comfy, and affordable.

Old Navy

Old Navy is another one of my affordable go to shops. I love that they’re always having a sale, so you are almost always bound to find a good deal. For instance, these joggers are super cute and perfect for hanging out at home. Or, these shorts for those warmer days. Recently, I have noticed that Old Navy has stepped up their styles and selection. If you’re looking for cute loungewear with out breaking the bank, then Old Navy is the place to go.


H&M is affordable and is an absolute favorite! Why? I think it’s mainly because it’s a European brand that offers different and unique styles. Currently, I’m finding these heart pajamas to be super cute! Also, I am totally obsessing over these polkadot pajamas. And, you definitely can’t go wrong with a two-pack of shorts.

H&M pajama set gray with white hearts
H&M Heart Pajama Set


You can’t ever go wrong with Target for any of your loungewear needs. Everything is always so cute and very affordable. For example, these wide leg lounge pants look so comfortable and cozy. It is a perfect pant to wear while being socially distant and home and/or working from home.


Finally, if you think you’ll be staying at home a while longer and want some nicer loungewear, check out Nordstrom. They have such a wide variety of options, you’re sure to find something you’ll love lounging in all day everyday. These lounge pants are cute with a subtle pop of color. Also, these shorts would be perfect for lounging at home.

Well, I hope this helps you find something you feel comfortable and cozy in while you work from home, practice some social distancing, and quarantine at home while we get through this COVID-19 madness.

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