Let's Restore Our Earth

Let’s Restore Our Earth, Together

Restore Our Earth – is this year’s theme for Earth Day 2021, which is observed every year on April 22. As the years are passing by, Earth day is gaining more and more importance for obvious reasons. This year’s theme for Earth Day is to Restore Our Earth, with a focus on natural processes and innovative green technologies that can restore the world’s ecosystem.

While the world’s leading organizations such as UN Women, UNICEF are preparing activities for Earth Day, I was wondering what we can do from our home to be a part of this movement.  With the pandemic hitting us harder than ever, we are being forced to stay confined in our homes for safety, I have thought of small but not insignificant things we can do to restore our Earth.

Talk About it

One of the easiest, yet effective ways to have an impact on global climate change is to simply voice your concerns. Use social media, your workplace, your friends, and family to initiate conversations regarding climate change. We can only make a change when we are aware that something needs to be changed.

Buy Energy-efficient Appliances

Take a look around you and see all the appliances that you use on a daily basis. From a simple hair straightener to a washing machine, how many of your appliances are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly? I certainly know that all of my gadgets are not energy-efficient! So, from now on, whenever we buy something new, let’s make a conscious effort to buy products that are a little less bad, if not entirely good, for our environment.

Buy Eco-friendly Products

In addition to changing appliances, I actually have been making a more conscious effort to buy more sustainable and eco-friendly everyday household products, such as reusable water bottles. Also, from cleaning products to personal care products such as shampoo bars, body soap bars, and deodorant refills. If you don’t want to make any drastic changes, maybe going from single-use plastic straws to reusable straws as I did, could be your first small step!

Pull the plug(s)

Are you guilty of forgetting to unplug your devices even after they have been fully charged? I know I certainly am. But it’s never too late to change our habits! Even though most of the latest devices are smart enough to stop using energy once they have been fully charged, not all the devices work that way. Apparently, “idle load” from gadgets across all US households, add up to the output of 50 large power plants.

Keep your tires Inflated!

Did you know that keeping the tires of your car properly inflated can boost miles per gallon anywhere from 4 to 40%? We can literally save 1.2 billion gallons of gas each year just by keeping our tires inflated. It’s that simple! 

Change Your Diet!

The Food Industry is one of the considerable contributors to climate change. By reducing your intake of animal protein by only half, you can cut your diet’s carbon footprint by over 40%. Even though I am vegan myself but don’t worry! I don’t expect anyone to become a vegetarian or vegan to make a difference. But it’s certainly something to consider, not just for climate change, for health benefits too. By simply making conscious choices one can make a huge difference in the long run.

Let’s Restore Our Earth!

I understand that it’s not always possible for everyone to take part in various activities and actively fight for climate change. But by making small changes in our habits, we can certainly play a role in building a better future. These are some of the small ideas that I have mentioned, but there are so many other things that you can do. For example, recycling clothes, reducing water waste, food waste, and whatnot. Let’s always remember, It’s the small changes that make the huge impacts over time. 

The 4 Best Places for Activewear with Pockets

I think we all can agree that 2020 has not gone the way any of us had planned. Think about it, in January most of us thought, “New Year, New Decade, New Beginnings!” Then, it all came tumbling down. By mid-March the majority of us were quarantined at home, social distancing ourselves from family and friends, and finding ways to keep ourselves busy in our home since we couldn’t leave our house. 

Well, summer is now just around the corner and many of us are continuing to practice healthy habits by washing our hands and keeping our distance, when possible. However, just because our beach trip vacation might not be happening this summer, it doesn’t mean we can’t work on our own personal health. Personally, I’ve been finding some great workout videos on YouTube that challenge me to stay fit. As a result, I have satisfied my retail therapy needs by buying more workout clothes, with pockets, of course! I’m going to share with you some of my favorite finds.

1. Old Navy

I am completely obsessed with Old Navy activewear! For example, these high-waisted cropped leggings are might favorite to throw on during an at home workout. Typically, if I go for a walk or jog outside, I like to go in the evenings. Unfortunately, now that it’s warm out, the weather is nice, but the mosquitos are the worst. That’s why I love wearing these full-length leggings. The best part about Old Navy activewear is that it is super affordable and with their sales, you will definitely find something you love!

Old Navy Activewear with Pockets

2. Fabletics

If you’re a member of Fabletics, then you know! What I love about their activewear is that it doesn’t pill as easily as some other activewear. Let’s face it, not all of us are born with legs that don’t rub against each other. I find Fabletics activewear to be extremely durable. On the flip side, they can end up being pricey due to the membership and cost of their products. However, if  you’re extremely active and live in activewear, then it’s totally worth it.

Fabletics Activewear with Pockets

3. Target

The one place you could never go wrong with is Target! I love their high-waisted cropped leggings. They are comfortable and are made with breathable fabric. Additionally, they have straight-leg activewear for those who don’t like the feel of leggings. Target’s activewear is super convenient and affordable.

Target Activewear with Pockets

4. Amazon

Speaking of convenient, Amazon is always one of my go-to places for EVERYTHING, including activewear. What I love about these leggings is that it has a “tummy control” feature meaning it stays in place when you’re moving around and working out. The worst thing is when you’re working out and you have to pause to readjust your clothing. Not to mention, if you’re all sweaty during a workout, it makes it harder to adjust. Not with these leggings! Again, these are super affordable and have been compared to Lululemon Athletica at a fraction of the cost.

Amazon Activewear with Pockets

Black Skirt with Pockets

COVID-19 Relief Donation

Hi! I am back! I hope everyone is staying home and safe during these unusual times. Personally, I have been loving it. I feel like I have been more productive than I usually am. However, there are days and times I feel frustrated and wish I could go out and do something fun.

What I’m currently doing

A lot of people have been asking me what I have been doing to keep myself busy. Well, for one, I have a 4-year-old who is at home with 4 other adults – 2 grandmas and 2 parents. Although any of the other 3 people can entertain him, he almost always prefers to be with me. So, needless to say, I’m never not busy.

I am also still working part-time. I consider myself lucky. I am able to continue working from home and my job hasn’t been affected, yet. Fingers crossed.

When I’m not entertaining my son or working, I am busy with my blog. You’ll notice that I have been posting pretty regularly. It’s been a fun outlet for me and I’m enjoying writing different posts.

Working from home with phone and laptop on bed
Working from Home

Giving back to the community

My family and I have been fortunate that we haven’t been directly affected by the corona virus. As a result, I have decided that I want to contribute to the COVID-19 relief. While contemplating on the best way to donate, I decided to take 100% of the profits that I receive from my signature skirt with pockets and donate it to the COVID-19 relief. However, in order to be able to donate, I need YOUR help. Head on over to the Pocket Passionista Shop, Etsy, or Facebook and tell your friends and family about it.

The way I look at it, your purchase contributes to a worthy cause while you get a free skirt out of it. So, it’s a win-win for everyone! Seriously, this pandemic has affected the entire WORLD! How crazy is that? I hope you’ll consider joining me to help relieve the burden millions are facing during unprecedented times.

Until next time…xoxo

Black midi skirt with pockets on neighborhood street.
Black Midi Skirt with Pockets
Black midi skirt with phone in pocket
Signature Skirt with Pockets – Pockets to fit your phone in!

Affordable Loungewear: Work From Home Style

If you’re like me, you are more than likely sitting at home practicing social distancing and working from home while we get through this COVID-19 madness. Also, if you’re like me, you aren’t following your usual routine of getting ready to leave the house. So, where does that leave us? Sitting at home, wearing our daytime pajamas and finding ways to keep ourselves busy while we get through this crazy pandemic.

Well, I thought of something that might help you get through at least one day. Online shopping! I figured, since we might be in quarantine for a little while, why not find some comfortable and affordable loungewear? Who says we can’t look cute while sheltering in our homes? I figured I would list some more affordable options since money is tight for a lot of us right now. Check out some of my favorite finds of loungewear and help yourself if you feel inclined.


American Eagle’s Aerie is my go-to shop for loungewear. How cute are these joggers?! I know, it’s getting warmer now that it’s spring. But, I feel like the weather has been fluctuating with random cooler days. However, for warmer weather, they have these adorable shorts. So, whatever you’re preference, you can totally find something cute, comfy, and affordable.

Old Navy

Old Navy is another one of my affordable go to shops. I love that they’re always having a sale, so you are almost always bound to find a good deal. For instance, these joggers are super cute and perfect for hanging out at home. Or, these shorts for those warmer days. Recently, I have noticed that Old Navy has stepped up their styles and selection. If you’re looking for cute loungewear with out breaking the bank, then Old Navy is the place to go.


H&M is affordable and is an absolute favorite! Why? I think it’s mainly because it’s a European brand that offers different and unique styles. Currently, I’m finding these heart pajamas to be super cute! Also, I am totally obsessing over these polkadot pajamas. And, you definitely can’t go wrong with a two-pack of shorts.

H&M pajama set gray with white hearts
H&M Heart Pajama Set


You can’t ever go wrong with Target for any of your loungewear needs. Everything is always so cute and very affordable. For example, these wide leg lounge pants look so comfortable and cozy. It is a perfect pant to wear while being socially distant and home and/or working from home.


Finally, if you think you’ll be staying at home a while longer and want some nicer loungewear, check out Nordstrom. They have such a wide variety of options, you’re sure to find something you’ll love lounging in all day everyday. These lounge pants are cute with a subtle pop of color. Also, these shorts would be perfect for lounging at home.

Well, I hope this helps you find something you feel comfortable and cozy in while you work from home, practice some social distancing, and quarantine at home while we get through this COVID-19 madness.

10 Amazing & Versatile Skirts with Pockets

Who doesn’t love a cute skirt, especially a skirt with pockets? Now that spring is here, it’s a perfect excuse to update our wardrobe. Also, if you’re social distancing like me, then online shopping is a great way to pass time. Just saying. The fun thing about skirts is that you can dress them up or down and can be worn for so many different occasions.  I have compiled a list of 10 amazing and versatile skirts and they all come with pockets! 

10.  The Polka Dot Skirt

I personally LOVE polka dots! It’s a timeless print that never gets old and always looks cute. Also, I love yellow outfits. So naturally, I love this yellow polka dot skirt from Modcloth. It can be paired with a white top, like the model, or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can pair with a complementing color. For example, this skirt would go great with a cardigan or a denim jacket. This skirt makes a perfect, classic spring outfit.

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Yellow Polkadot Midi Skirt Pockets

9. Belted Mini Skirt 

Are you going for a more casual and comfortable look? My go-to casual look is a comfortable mini skirt. For instance, this belted mini skirt from Pockets on my Dress. I feel like this skirt is perfect for the spring or summer. The cool thing is that it comes in 6 different colors. Personally, I would go with green because it brings a fun pop of color into the outfit. Also, this skirt would look great paired with wedges or sneakers depending on the look you’re going for. All you need is a simple white top and you’re good to go!

8.  Classic Black Midi Skirt

Okay. So, I’m a little biased with this one because it’s actually my signature skirt. I designed it keeping a few things in mind. For instance, I made sure the pockets were “hidden” in the skirt. Additionally, I designed the pockets to be deep and sturdy. This skirt is what I like to call the “little black skirt.” If you’re thinking this is a great, practical staple every woman should have, and I couldn’t agree more! As if that’s not enough, this skirt is that it can be dressed up or down, and I made sure the pockets are deep and functional to keep anything you wish to carry in them.

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Classic black midi skirt with pockets.

7. Floral skirt

Nothing says spring than a floral skirt! I love eShakti for SO many reasons. If you haven’t checked them out yet, what are you waiting for? Most of their clothing already comes with pockets, which is my favorite! To make it even better, their skirts and clothes are customizable! In other words, you practically are able to design your own skirt and it’s guaranteed to fit perfectly.

6. Flowy Midi Skirt 

I have this skirt from ModCloth in the green color. In fact, here’s a picture of me in it. It’s a beautiful and comfortable skirt that can actually be worn year round. The great thing about this skirt is that the lining is made of great quality, so it flows very well and it’s flattering to anyone that wears it. 

<img decoding=
Green midi skirt with pockets

5. Green Maxi Skirt

I love a good maxi skirt, like this one from Lulu’s. It’s classy with a sexy look that isn’t too revealing. I love the idea of being able to control your look. For example, this skirt has buttons that go the length of the skirt. So, you decide how much leg you want to show. [insert winky face]

4.Belted Midi Skirt 

Did I mention I love ModCloth? I have this skirt in yellow. I feel like yellow makes such a fun, spring color and this skirt is no different. Also, I love that this skirt is belted. The fun thing about this skirt is that it can be dressed up or down and you there are so many different tops you can pair it with.

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Yellow belted midi skirt with pockets.

3. High Waist Maxi Skirt

I’m loving this high waisted elastic maxi skirt from Amazon. If you’re like me, I’m always looking for a quick and easy outfit to throw on to run errands. This skirt would be the perfect go-to outfit. I also love that this skirt is good for anyone feeling more conservative. Everything about this skirt makes it easy to throw on and head out the door in no time. What’s even better, it comes in 16 different colors and is super affordable.

2. Flared Midi Skirt 

Here’s another skirt from Amazon that isn’t pricey and comes in a variety of different colors. I love how this skirt is accented with a cute bow at the waist. Additionally, the bow gives this skirt a cute feminine look and would make a perfect date night outfit or evening wear.

1. Mini Skirt 

Finally, we can’t have a list without a classic mini skirt. I love this one from Amazon.  It comes in 3 different colors that are all cute. The decorative buttons on this skirt give it a cute, but classy look. This skirt would go great with a tank or t-shirt and sneakers or booties.

Dress with Pockets

Pockets for everyone!

All women deserve pockets!

I’ve been thinking about this lately. I feel like there are 5 types of women who can benefit from from having pockets in their clothing. So, let me describe these 5 types of women. You may relate to one or all types. If you don’t fit into one of these types, don’t fret, just let me know and I’ll be sure to include you. Because at the end of the day, who doesn’t love an outfit with pockets?!

The College Student

Why? It’s simple, who wants to carry around a backpack, laptop bag, or a purse? Or a handbag that’s an all-in-one: purse, school bag, and laptop bag where you have to shuffle around to find your things? Your keys, wallet, or phone? You would never find it as quickly as you would like. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a cardigan with pockets? Or if your jeans had more functional pockets? And when you want to go out at night, wouldn’t it be so much simpler to not have to carry a wristlet or a crossbody? During my college days (long ago), I carried 5 things: my ID, credit card, phone, lipgloss, and keys. I never wanted to carry a purse, so a wristlet it was. I can’t even tell you how many times I would lose my wristlet. Thank goodness it somehow always found its way back to me! Don’t get me wrong though, pockets definitely wouldn’t work on those bodycon dresses and skirts. But, oh how it would have worked really well on some of my other super cute outfits!

The working woman

When I was working, my job required me to attend a bunch of weekly meetings. Pockets were my best friend! I remember always being called into last minute meetings and shuffling around to make sure I had that notepad, pen, and phone. Oh, and a water bottle. The days I didn’t have pockets, I noticed I would end up leaving things behind. The worst was when I would forget my pen or phone. I would feel so unprepared during those meetings.

Restroom trips without pockets was the next most frustrating thing for me. Especially during Aunt Flo’s visit. Like, how do I discretely take my personal hygiene products with me? When I didn’t have pockets, I would slip them under my sleeve, in my bra, or behind my back pants. Whatever creative way works, right? What are ways pockets would make your life easier at work?

The mommas

It doesn’t matter if you are a stay at home mom, or a working mom. The bottom line is, you’re a mom. There are toys everywhere. The kids are hungry. They’re thirsty. They want you to hold them. They want you to play with them. The list goes on and on. When I’m with my son, I don’t have time to keep track of my phone. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve missed phone calls and messages because my phone was somewhere around the house. I place my phone in some of the most random places in the house where I could have sworn I never was. On top of that, small things are usually lying around randomly throughout the house because I just don’t have enough hands. Carrying a child in one hand and other things in another is not an easy task. From tissues to wiping off those boogies to favorite toy cars that my child can’t live without. I always need pockets in my lounge clothes when I’m at home.

The minimalist

I have several friends who really don’t care to carry a handbag. But what I find is that there are always 3 things that they’re constantly misplacing: keys, wallet, and phone. All of which would fit perfectly in pockets. Unless you have one of those huge, bulky wallets. But that’s another topic. If you’re like many women who hate having to carry a handbag around, then you would definitely benefit from having pockets. A lot of times, as a mom, I find myself to be a minimalist. I feel like I carry so much for my child, that when thinking about carrying my own belongings, the less is better. Whether it’s my jeans, cardigan, or t-shirt dress, if it has pockets, it’s all I need!

The fashionista

A lot of my social media posts are of me wearing dressy dresses. As a mom and a working professional, sometimes those aren’t always practical attire. However, I sometimes like to dress up and wear vintage-like dresses with pockets. I get it, it’s not practical for most women. But, if it’s your brand or if dresses and skirts are your thing, then you definitely deserve those pockets as well!

Now I want to hear from you and your thoughts. Can all of you relate to one of these categories or am I leaving anyone out? I would love to hear from you all!

Pocket Passionista

New Beginnings, New Adventures, New Possibilities

I’m back! Finally! I’m so sorry that I have been completely M.I.A. and super inconsistent with my blogs. I promise I’ll try and do better this year. Hence the title of this post. First off, I would like to point out that I meant to write this blog post at the beginning of the month, but better late than never I guess.

I started Pocket Passionista a couple of years ago, mainly because I wanted to share my love for pockets in women’s clothing, because, let’s face it, it’s a rare commodity. Looking back at my posts, I feel like I went on a venting session expressing my frustrations. However, I think I was also venting because I was a full-time working mom, with a job that was preventing me from growing professionally. Thankfully, it was just a contract and that contract ended last September. I ended up taking the remaining 2018 to spend more time with my family, something I felt like I was missing out on when I was working full time. I may have taken an extra month considering I’m writing this post at the end of January. But I’m here now and that’s all that matters.

Now that you’ve got a brief history of where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing, or not doing, let me tell you what’s in store for 2019.

New Beginnings

This stay-at-home-mom life is very new to me. I’ve pretty much always worked for as long as I can remember. Now that I have been on both sides of the spectrum, of working full-time and balancing family life, to staying home and balancing a social life (or lack thereof), I have much, much respect for all stay-at-home-moms and the working moms. I’m not sure how I did it when I was working, and I’m not sure how moms can stay at home. I have one child, he goes to daycare, and still, it’s hard work! So, if you have more than one kid, I bow down to you! On the other hand, the thought of going back to work sounds so absurd right now. I’m actually looking forward to seeing how I do with this staying at home thing. In the meantime, wish me luck!

New Adventures

I guess having a project to work on is something I’ll always look for. This blog and expanding Pocket Passionista is something I’m going to focus more on this year. I’ll admit, I’m not a big fan of “modeling” or being in pictures. In fact, I absolutely hate selfies. But, I’m working on stepping out of my comfort zone and looking for opportunities to grow as a human being, to be a better mom, wife, and friend. I truly believe putting myself out there will help me accomplish this and I’m excited to be sharing this journey with you along the way.

I also bought a sewing machine, that’s still in its box…BUT, my goal for this year is to learn how to sew. I think I’ll start easy, maybe I’ll learn to sew lounge pants, with pockets of course. I will definitely keep you updated on how that goes.

Going along with my domesticated projects, I am learning to crochet. This is something I have been wanting to do for myself for quite sometime. I have also found it to be a form of stress relief. My grandmother was amazing at crocheting, and she actually taught me the basic technique before she passed about 4 years ago. However, I was just never bothered to pick up the hook and yarn until now, but I’m glad I’m getting into it. It has been bringing back some amazing memories I shared with my grandmother and it makes be feel all warm and cozy inside.

New Possibilities

Now that I’m not working and tied down to a 9-5, or in my case it was 7am-4pm, I feel like the possibilities are endless. I have more freedom to take on the world the way that I want to. I don’t have to answer to a boss. Well, except for my child, but that’s neither here nor there. I’m taking this time to feel the waters and see what works well with me and what doesn’t. Even though I’m a mom in my mid-thirties, I don’t care. I have this opportunity and I’m going for it!

I’m really excited to see what this year has in store for me. And I’m even more excited to share my journey with you all along the way! In the meantime, I would love to hear from you all. Tell me about your beginnings, adventures, and possibilities that you’re looking forward to in the new year!

10 Reasons why carrying handbags suck

Spring is here! What does that mean? It’s time for florals, lace, and sandals, pastel colors, light cardigans, and flowy dresses. Spring means more sunshine and less clothes. That’s right. It was fun staying warm in cozy jackets, fluffy scarves, and bulky sweaters, but now that spring is here, we’re ready to soak in some Vitamin D and put those warm clothes away until next fall. One other accessory I would like to put away for the spring is my huge handbag. Sure, it carried a lot for me over the cold, winter months, but looking back, I barely needed 95% of the things I lugged around with me all winter. If you’re like me and aren’t a huge fan of carrying around a handbag regularly, keep reading. I have a list of 10 reasons why carrying a handbag sucks. When I’m done, if I missed anything, feel free to respond in the comments below (situs slot777). I would love to hear your reasons why handbags suck and pockets are life!

  1. Only one free hand.

    Carrying a handbag means that of the two arms you have, only one is completely functional. If you’re like me and have somewhat of a larger handbag, then typically you have to carry the handbag on your forearm. Even if you tried to put it on your shoulder, it tends to just slip off and end up right back on your forearm. The solution you might say is, “wear a crossbody.” But a crossbody handbag isn’t exactly the most flattering. I mean, the strap pressing right in between your boobs, not cute. Let’s face it, carrying a handbag forces you to lose 50% of your arms’ full functionality.

  2. Shoulder pain.

    You’re carrying that handbag on your forearm or shoulder. Do you ever find yourself switching arms when holding your bag? I do it ALL THE TIME. That’s because carrying a handbag causes so much shoulder pain. But as women, we have taught ourselves to just tolerate the pain and brush it off. There’s no way that regular use and carrying of handbags is good for our shoulders.

  3. Handbags collect junk.

    The bigger the handbag, the more junk it tends to collect. I mean, it’s the easiest and quickest place to put something that you don’t want to toss. Or, it is something that needs to be tossed, but there isn’t a trash can near you at the moment, so in the handbag is goes, straight to the bottom, only to be forgotten about because we’re busy doing other more important things. Because I end up collecting so much junk, my handbag gets heavier and heavier making my shoulder pain worse. Just can’t win.

  4. Carrying other people’s crap.

    Don’t you just love it when your friends or significant other sees that you have a large handbag and then proceeds to ask you to carry their crap. This happens to me EVERY TIME! When we’re out, my husband is always putting his keys, wallet, and phone in my handbag. I already don’t want to carry my own crap, and now I have to carry his?!! Ugh!

  5. Can’t find anything.

    With collecting all that junk and carrying other people’s crap, when I need to find something like my own wallet, keys, or phone…good luck! I can never find anything! My lip balm is never in the pocket I originally put it, my phone never stays in the same place, and my keys are always tucked in a corner all the way to bottom of my handbag. I’m always spending several minutes trying to find what I’m looking for and I’m always getting frustrated when I absolutely can’t find it.

  6. Germs. 

    I’m not sure I need to say anything else. Whenever I’m out, especially at restaurants, I am always trying to find the back of my chair or another chair to place my handbag on. I refuse to leave my handbag on the ground. The germs and nasty ground is no place for your handbag. But then I go home and where does that handbag go? On the ground. I have caught myself on many occasions putting my handbag on my bed so that I could find something only to realize that I’m just transferring all those germs from the bottom of my handbag to my bed or my other clean counters in the house. And what does that mean? More cleaning for me! Yay! Not.

  7. Easy to lose or forget.

    How many times have you been out and started to leave a place only to realize that you left your handbag behind? I have done it so many times now that I probably have an underlying anxiety issue so I don’t leave it behind. Because our handbags aren’t attached to us, it is so easy for us to forget it somewhere or lose it. And with money, credit cards, license, and other personal information, it’s not really safe for us to be doing that.

  8. An extra thing to carry.

    Nowadays women are working just as much as men, if not more. Which means we carry other things with us like laptops and lunch bags. Carrying a handbag is just another bulky item that we carry that isn’t a necessity such as food that keeps us alive and well, and a computer that pays for the food to keep us alive and well, and that expensive handbag that seems to be more of a burden than a cute accessory. A simple solution would be to carry your wallet, keys, and phone in your laptop bag or something, but what happens when you need to run errands and don’t need to carry your laptop bag around? You still need that handbag!

  9. Difficult to accessorize.

    I started Pocket Passionista because I love clothes with pockets, but that doesn’t mean I have the best fashion sense. In fact, I’m not great at accessorizing. I’m a minimalist. Hence, the love for pockets. I tend to wear the same pieces of jewelry on a daily basis. When it comes to handbags, I’m not that person that likes to change my handbag to compliment my outfit. I wear the same handbag for days or months until I get bored and decide it’s time for a change. And most of the time, I wear a plain and simple black handbag. Not to mention, the idea of transferring all my items from one handbag to another seems so daunting. Actually, I have attempted this a few times and failed each time, miserably, because I always forget something in the other handbag that I end up needing, but don’t have in the new handbag.

  10. Expensive. 

    Cute handbags are expensive. Need I say more? All my handbags cost way more than the amount of money I actually carry around with me. I don’t know why I do this to myself. I spend money on handbags to carry things around, most of which I don’t need, only to get annoyed and frustrated that I have to carry it around in the first place. Expensive handbags are more of a fashion statement and are a way to maintain your status quo. But in my opinion, it’s not worth it. Especially not after mentioning the other 9 reasons why carrying a handbag around sucks.

What’s the moral of this post you ask? This is just more concrete evidence that having pockets in women’s clothing is a far better alternative to handbags. Pockets help us free our hands, reduce shoulder pain, clean our lives from clutter and junk, and help keep important items close to us. Pockets also help keep us from picking up unwanted germs, we’re less likely to lose or forget important items, and we tend not to carry unnecessary junk. Best of all, pockets allow us to find other, more flattering accessories compared to the handbag, not to mention we could potentially save money from buying those expensive handbags. All-in-all, pockets for the win! Please share your thoughts in the comments below on why you think handbags suck.

Faux Pockets…Why?!!

Vent sesh alert!

The other day I was wearing these cute skinny pants at work. They were black with a textured pattern on them with zippered pockets. So, naturally, I got excited and thought, “Pockets! Yay!” Until I unzipped the zipper only to find nothing. No pockets. Why?!! I mean, what harm is there in actually creating real pockets? Faux pockets are completely useless. On the other hand, REAL pockets give women a place to put small necessary items like feminine hygiene products. Think about it, how unhygienic and gross is it to haul our handbags into the restroom?

Don’t get me wrong, feminine hygiene isn’t the only reason women should have pockets. I’m sure we all can think of at least one thing that we would keep in our pockets. For me, it would be my phone and lipgloss. Okay, so that’s two things. Which makes it even more a good reason to have pockets.

I feel like women have to be more creative when it comes to carrying things. In general, men don’t worry about handbags and carrying additional things with them. Most men I know typically need only 3 things: 1) keys, 2) wallet, and 3) phone. Meanwhile, I have a specific handbag for work, another one for the weekends, and different ones for other special events. Do you know how many times I have forgotten to put my wallet back in my work bag? Or how many times I’ve misplaced things because I can’t remember which bag I moved them to? It’s frustrating, yet we do it anyway. Sadly, we will continue to do it anyway. Because, let’s face it, cute handbags like slot777 can be a woman’s weakness.

No more faux pockets!

That brings me to this article I found. I feel like many of us can completely relate to. Check it out here: The Gender Politics of Pockets.

No more faux pockets! Who’s with me? Comment below and let me know how you really feel about faux pockets versus real pockets.

Where to Find Clothes with Pockets!

Some of my favorite shops that sell clothing with pockets.

So, I’ve been a little out of touch lately, but it’s only because I’m working on something exciting for everyone! So stay tuned…

In the meantime, there are many of you that have been asking me where I get my outfits from. Not all of my dresses and skirts have pockets, but I have noticed that I get more compliments on my outfits that happen to have pockets in them. Hmmm, coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. Many of my dresses and skirts are from different places and some outfits are so old that I don’t think you can find anything similar anymore. But, don’t worry! I have a few places that I love to shop with cute dresses and skirts that have pockets.


As you have seen on my Instagram and my blog post, I have this really cute green midi skirt. I go this skirt from Modcloth. They have a bunch of different colors and what I love about this skirt is that it goes with different tops. I even wore it in the winter with boots and it looked really cute. What I also love about this skirt is, obviously, the pockets. Not simply because the skirt has pockets, but it’s the way they are sort of “hidden” and not really noticeable to others, which is my favorite thing about any outfit.

On my Instagram and my other blog post, I’m wearing a red midi dress with pockets.  This dress is also from Modcloth, but unfortunately no longer available.  Not to worry though, because Modcloth has tons of cute dresses and skirts with pockets. So, if you’re wondering where to find these outfits with pockets, I encourage you to check out their site.

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Green Skirt Pockets Bench


Modcloth isn’t the only place to find these outfits though. I actually came across this other site, eShakti, and most of their dresses have pockets. What’s even better is that this site will customize your outfit for you. I have not tried anything from this site yet, but I plan to very soon. Stay tuned for my review on their clothes. But in the meantime, feel free to try them out yourself and let me know what you think about their clothes. I love that they have a wide selection of maxi dresses. Don’t get me started on my obsession with maxi dress…and with pockets!

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Cherry Dress with Yellow Cardigan

Johnston & Murphy

If Modcloth or eShakti isn’t your style, I also came across Johnston & Murphy dresses that have pockets as well. Again, I haven’t tried any of their dresses yet, but whenever I do, I’ll be sure to let you guys know what I think!