The power of pockets

Recently, I was looking up body language and what certain gestures symbolize. I came across “hands in pockets” and learned two things: 1) this gesture is only described in men, and 2) it means lack of confidence and mistrust.

Meanwhile, I’ve been watching Madam Secretary with Téa Leoni and have noticed a couple of episodes where her outfits had pockets. She spent a few scenes with her hands in her pockets and she seemed to carry it well.  In my opinion, she didn’t seem like someone who lacks confidence and the way the show is portrayed, she is definitely not untrustworthy. So my conclusion, women who have pockets and can use them to exhibit a feeling of confidence and power. It’s just an opinion, though.

I’ve heard that designers don’t put pockets in women’s clothing because it takes away from a woman’s silhouette and no woman wants to look “bulky” with pockets. This idea may be true for bodycon dresses or form-fitting dresses, but let’s be real, most of us like to have those fun, flowy dresses or skirts too.  When those fun and flowy dresses have pockets, it makes them that much better! I feel like we live in a generation where we don’t have to be dictated by what fashion designers say we are supposed to wear and we actually demand that women have pockets too!

Now, my question is, how many of you have worn outfits with pockets and felt a level of confidence? Personally, I feel subtly empowered, and I feel equal to my male counterparts because I, too, can carry essentials in my pockets without having to carry my handbag with me everywhere I go. I would love to hear from you guys so comment below and let me know your thoughts! 


  1. I definitely don’t agree that pockets show a lack of confidence, it’s the opposite for me. When I have my hands in my pockets, especially if they’re in a super cute dress or skirt 🙂 I feel a little more fashionable, more confident, and stronger. We need to demand that designers add more pockets. We want pockets! We want pockets!

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