The Dress that Started it All

Years ago (I can’t even tell you the exact year), I went to the outlet mall and walked into the BCBG store. I actually never intended to buy anything because everything was way out of my budget (I was a college student at the time), but I just wanted to try on dresses for fun. Because what girl doesn’t want to feel glamorous, even if it is just for 10 minutes? I picked out a bunch of dresses to try on, including this really cute green dress. The fit was so flattering to my body type, the length hit perfectly right above my knees, and the sleeves were puffy, yet really cute. As I am staring at myself in the mirror inside the dressing room, I was falling in love with the dress, until I turned to my side and noticed something just below the waist area.

Could it be? No way! This dress has pockets! OMG! Instant love!

I took the dress to the checkout counter and found out it was on sale…it was destiny! Although it was still pricey…for a college student, I decided to go ahead splurge (and I’m glad I did). It has been maybe 8 or 9 years since I bought this dress, but I still wear it and get compliments all the time. In fact, I wore it a few months ago at a company dinner and my colleagues were complimenting me left and right. It’s one of those dresses that always makes me feel confident and beautiful when I wear it. But, the fact that it has pockets is the best part of it all!

Lately I’ve been running into friends that are following me through my blog and social media. I’ve been asked the same two questions: “How’s your blog doing?” and “So, what exactly is the purpose of your blog?” So, here’s the quick and dirty version of the story…

I was at work one day wearing a cute skirt with pockets. My colleagues were complimenting my outfit and my response was, “thanks, it has pockets!” And then a few minutes later, I turned around and dorkily said, “guys, pockets are my passion.” And that was that. We talked about how I should start a blog. The initial intention was to write a blog about something I was passionate about and then figuring out how to grow from there.

Right now, I just want to bring more attention to the fact that many of us love pockets in our clothes . Surprisingly, I’ve learned that many of my guy friends would prefer if we had pockets in our dresses as well because they’re sick of holding our stuff. I think my husband is my number one supporter in this cause. Haha! Eventually, I hope to create my own clothing line that allows us to have pockets in everything, from pajamas to workout clothes…now that would be something! But in the meantime, you’ll just be getting information about clothes with pockets. Stay tuned and I’ll start posting links on where to find some of these cute dresses and skirts.


  1. You’re definitely not the only one that loves pockets in cute outfits! These are rare-but-rewarding finds; and to have a place to point me in the right direction is exciting. Looking forward to all this blog will offer!

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